Ed Tech Comments 3

June 16, 2007

You can find my comments under the name Jacqui205 at http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2007/05/18/math-on-a-milk-carton/.  In searching for the “right” blog to comment under, I read quite a few of his, which I really enjoyed.  As such, I plan on reading more of his blogs in the future regarding education technology.


Website Review B3

June 8, 2007

I recently came across this Martin Luther King Jr. website that I would never use in my classes.  http://www.martinlutherking.org/  The one strength I can give this site is that it is designed well.  They have used pictures and their links to pages within as well as outside the site work well. 

However, I don’t feel that the content is appropriate for students.  The group that made this site are not for honoring King, rather they try to point out flaws they claim he had.  This could be a problem for students when they do an internet search.  I did a search on the internet using Google and this website was sixth in the list.  I believe that it was so high on the list from two things.   First, the web address itself.  Second, on the home page it has six links that lead one to believe that they will take you to information praising King (one is entitled Civil Rights Library-History of People and Events) but instead they tell you their truth about the civil rights movement and King himself.  Additionally, there is no evidence, or links to evidence, listed to corroborate their claims.  As we teach our students that websites that are higher on the list have more relevance to our topic, students may go to this site thinking that it will have information that they are looking for.  Given this we, as teachers, need to be careful to conduct searches prior to giving the assignment to our students.  That way, we can investigate the sites that come up and determine which would be most helpful for them to complete the assignment. 

Outside of theproblems I have with the content, another problem I have with this site is that I cannot find anywhere on the site an individual or group taking credit for creating the site.  There is a link to a discussion forum hosted by Stormfront (White Nationalist Community) and there are links form books (one writen by David Duke) and other reading material.  However, I cannot find a definitive author for this site.

Ed Tech Comments 2

June 2, 2007

Please find my comments on an ED Tech Blog for Week 4 at http://www.thethinkingstick.com/?p=516#comment-24552 using the name Jacqui 205

Software B2

May 25, 2007

I believe that five applications every student should learn are Word, Powerpoint, Excel, graphical organizers, and web authoring applications.

 I believe that a word processor application is the most important for a student to learn.  This application helps in all aspects of the writing process.  Students can do their pre-writing, writing, editing, revising and publishing with the word processor.  This will become more important as the student advances through school and has to write more assignments for their teachers.  I believe that students should learn how to type perhaps as early as 3rd or 4th grade.  They can then take this skill with them when they learn how to use a word processor.  Students should learn how to use a word processor in 5th or 6th grade or when they are expected to write a one page essay.

I believe that Powerpoint is another important application for students to learn.  Learning how to create a presentation will benefit them when they go to college and in their future careers.  I believe that this skill should be taught when the student is in high school, perhaps in 9th grade.

Learning how to create and use a spreadsheet will also benefit students.  Spreadsheets are an excellent way to organize various types of information.  I myself have used it for creating my class schedule as well as for a gradebook in classes I taught.  This skill could be taught in middle school, but should definitly be learned by the time a student graduates high school.

I wish we had graphical organizers when I was younger.  I like things to be organized and this would have helped me to see my information and write my papers when I was younger.  I believe that this application could be introduced as soon as students are taught how to brainstorm for writing.  Perhaps introducing it to the entire class for a group brainstorming session first.  Then in later grades, letting students use the application for their own brainstorming session.

With web authoring software becoming easier to use, I believe that this is an application that should be taught to students in high school before they graduate.  This skill could easily be a part of an information technology class.  If it was incorporated into an IT class, the students could learn more about HTML code as well.  This skill may come in handy as the internet is used more in the future.

Research Lab

May 18, 2007

Article Information: Susana Juniu, Use of Technology for Constructivist Learning in a Performance Assessment Class, Measurement in Physical Education & Exercise Science, 2006, Vol. 10 Issue 1, pg 67 – 79

 This article gives information on different computer software and how it can be integrated into the learning process.  To begin the author discusses what a constructivist learning environment is.  Next, the author gives clear examples of software programs and how they will enhance the learning process for students.  Finally, there is an example of how to design a curriculum unit and incorporate educational software.

I believe that we should purchase educational software for our students.  The evidence in this article shows ways that teachers can incorporate software into their lessons to enhance their students’ learning.  Juniu suggests using Microsoft’s PowerPoint, which will allow students to create their own presentation and incorporate media such as audio, video, pictures and animation into the presentation.  This will enable students to use their creative side and share what they have learned with their peers.  Other programs suggested by Juniu, such as Mindtools, support interactive and collaborative classrooms and help improve critical thinking skills.  Using education software, students can learn with technology instead of just receiveing information from computers.  Students as well as teachers will benefit from using educational software.

Ed Tech Comments

May 18, 2007

Find my comments for Week 2 on Ed Tech at http://michelemartin.typepad.com/thebambooprojectblog/2007/05/technology_cant.html#comment-70012274 using the name Jacqui205

My Technologies–B1

May 11, 2007

My husband I have two computers that we use.  He has a desktop and I have a laptop.  We bought the laptop so that I could have my own computer for school and he would still be able to use his for gaming. 

In my previous years in school, the technologies that I have mainly used are the computer and the graphing calculator.  This last semester has been different from my first four year of college (1994-1998) in that my professors have used technology nearly every class.  One professor used the overhead projector.  The others utilized the projector linked to the computer.  Mainly they used this for power point presentations.  However they also used it for showing movies as well as links to youtube.com. 

In Ed 205 I hope to learn how to use the technology I will have in my classroom so that I can enhance my student’s learning experience.  I don’t want to use technology just for the sake of using it, I want there to be meaning behind why I use it.  This really ties into what I believe education technology is.  I believe it is any technology that will enhance the student’s learning experience.  That is, calculators, power point presentations and overhead projectors as well as projectors linked to computers just to name a few.  I even had a high school teacher that showed us slides of art when we did a unit on world art.

 An Ed Tech blog I found is at http://blogs.soe.ku.edu/~SOE/?p=8


May 8, 2007

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May 8, 2007

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