My Technologies–B1

My husband I have two computers that we use.  He has a desktop and I have a laptop.  We bought the laptop so that I could have my own computer for school and he would still be able to use his for gaming. 

In my previous years in school, the technologies that I have mainly used are the computer and the graphing calculator.  This last semester has been different from my first four year of college (1994-1998) in that my professors have used technology nearly every class.  One professor used the overhead projector.  The others utilized the projector linked to the computer.  Mainly they used this for power point presentations.  However they also used it for showing movies as well as links to 

In Ed 205 I hope to learn how to use the technology I will have in my classroom so that I can enhance my student’s learning experience.  I don’t want to use technology just for the sake of using it, I want there to be meaning behind why I use it.  This really ties into what I believe education technology is.  I believe it is any technology that will enhance the student’s learning experience.  That is, calculators, power point presentations and overhead projectors as well as projectors linked to computers just to name a few.  I even had a high school teacher that showed us slides of art when we did a unit on world art.

 An Ed Tech blog I found is at


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