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Article Information: Susana Juniu, Use of Technology for Constructivist Learning in a Performance Assessment Class, Measurement in Physical Education & Exercise Science, 2006, Vol. 10 Issue 1, pg 67 – 79

 This article gives information on different computer software and how it can be integrated into the learning process.  To begin the author discusses what a constructivist learning environment is.  Next, the author gives clear examples of software programs and how they will enhance the learning process for students.  Finally, there is an example of how to design a curriculum unit and incorporate educational software.

I believe that we should purchase educational software for our students.  The evidence in this article shows ways that teachers can incorporate software into their lessons to enhance their students’ learning.  Juniu suggests using Microsoft’s PowerPoint, which will allow students to create their own presentation and incorporate media such as audio, video, pictures and animation into the presentation.  This will enable students to use their creative side and share what they have learned with their peers.  Other programs suggested by Juniu, such as Mindtools, support interactive and collaborative classrooms and help improve critical thinking skills.  Using education software, students can learn with technology instead of just receiveing information from computers.  Students as well as teachers will benefit from using educational software.


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