Software B2

I believe that five applications every student should learn are Word, Powerpoint, Excel, graphical organizers, and web authoring applications.

 I believe that a word processor application is the most important for a student to learn.  This application helps in all aspects of the writing process.  Students can do their pre-writing, writing, editing, revising and publishing with the word processor.  This will become more important as the student advances through school and has to write more assignments for their teachers.  I believe that students should learn how to type perhaps as early as 3rd or 4th grade.  They can then take this skill with them when they learn how to use a word processor.  Students should learn how to use a word processor in 5th or 6th grade or when they are expected to write a one page essay.

I believe that Powerpoint is another important application for students to learn.  Learning how to create a presentation will benefit them when they go to college and in their future careers.  I believe that this skill should be taught when the student is in high school, perhaps in 9th grade.

Learning how to create and use a spreadsheet will also benefit students.  Spreadsheets are an excellent way to organize various types of information.  I myself have used it for creating my class schedule as well as for a gradebook in classes I taught.  This skill could be taught in middle school, but should definitly be learned by the time a student graduates high school.

I wish we had graphical organizers when I was younger.  I like things to be organized and this would have helped me to see my information and write my papers when I was younger.  I believe that this application could be introduced as soon as students are taught how to brainstorm for writing.  Perhaps introducing it to the entire class for a group brainstorming session first.  Then in later grades, letting students use the application for their own brainstorming session.

With web authoring software becoming easier to use, I believe that this is an application that should be taught to students in high school before they graduate.  This skill could easily be a part of an information technology class.  If it was incorporated into an IT class, the students could learn more about HTML code as well.  This skill may come in handy as the internet is used more in the future.


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