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Ed Tech Comments 3

June 16, 2007

You can find my comments under the name Jacqui205 at  In searching for the “right” blog to comment under, I read quite a few of his, which I really enjoyed.  As such, I plan on reading more of his blogs in the future regarding education technology.


Website Review B3

June 8, 2007

I recently came across this Martin Luther King Jr. website that I would never use in my classes.  The one strength I can give this site is that it is designed well.  They have used pictures and their links to pages within as well as outside the site work well. 

However, I don’t feel that the content is appropriate for students.  The group that made this site are not for honoring King, rather they try to point out flaws they claim he had.  This could be a problem for students when they do an internet search.  I did a search on the internet using Google and this website was sixth in the list.  I believe that it was so high on the list from two things.   First, the web address itself.  Second, on the home page it has six links that lead one to believe that they will take you to information praising King (one is entitled Civil Rights Library-History of People and Events) but instead they tell you their truth about the civil rights movement and King himself.  Additionally, there is no evidence, or links to evidence, listed to corroborate their claims.  As we teach our students that websites that are higher on the list have more relevance to our topic, students may go to this site thinking that it will have information that they are looking for.  Given this we, as teachers, need to be careful to conduct searches prior to giving the assignment to our students.  That way, we can investigate the sites that come up and determine which would be most helpful for them to complete the assignment. 

Outside of theproblems I have with the content, another problem I have with this site is that I cannot find anywhere on the site an individual or group taking credit for creating the site.  There is a link to a discussion forum hosted by Stormfront (White Nationalist Community) and there are links form books (one writen by David Duke) and other reading material.  However, I cannot find a definitive author for this site.

Ed Tech Comments 2

June 2, 2007

Please find my comments on an ED Tech Blog for Week 4 at using the name Jacqui 205